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SPANKING THE TEACHER by Netsylph (special thanks to Frankie for the great ideas) It was a bright October day. The leaves left on the trees were full of brilliant red and gold color. On such a lovely afternoon Ms. Amy White would rather be doing almost anything but stay cooped up in this school. Yet here she was.

First: Teacher Spanked: A Real Life Mistaken Identity Story

Teacher Spanked: A Real Life Mistaken Identity Story I’m a teacher in West Virginia and this past Friday I was talking to a fellow teacher about how hellish these kids are these days and how the paddle needs brought back to schools. Then she decides to share a story with me about when she first started teaching back in 1985.

Spanked by the Female Gym Teacher - Blogger

The actual spanking was not at all gratuitous, but rather was the climax to a kid's learning experience that I and many readers can relate to. The teacher's requirement that the kid maintain eye contact with her as she pulled down his underpants was a nice, unexpected touch.

Teachers – Maman: spanking memories: mothers, fathers ...

During the 1980s, when I was in the third grade, I got a paddling from my class teacher. Some tattle-tale of a kid had appar… more.

When a teacher spanked you over her knee | Leaside Life

When a teacher spanked you over her knee. Last October Rolph Road school celebrated its 75th anniversary. It brought back a lot of memories. The school opened in 1939. I startedthere in 1940. At that time the school was both an elementary school and the embryo of Leaside High School. The high school kids took classes on the top floor of the ...


r/TIFU The student in today's video makes the biggest mistake of his life when his teacher bends over in front of him. He does the one thing you should NEVER...

Have you seen a female teacher spank a boy’s bottoms? - Quora

Answer (1 of 21): Yes especially at junior school, where the teachers would mostly spank our bare bottoms. It was great fun to watch and you could see how embarrassed the boys would get just walking out to the front of the class. All eyes on them and lot of giggling from us girls. We would have b...

school paddlings – Our Bottoms Burn

Without warning the spanking began and it went on for some time. I can’t say I heard anything from the crowd of onlookers because I was already in tears crying, not just from the spanking but from the embarrassment of the situation. There I was, on a teachers lap, people watching me get spanked and I’m bare bottomed.

Spanked At School – Our Bottoms Burn

Paddling at the time I went to school probably existed but wasn’t the norm , however I did get one hell of a OTK spanking from a teacher once. I wouldn’t call these photos “young girls” They’re all probably over 18 and younger than they look.

School – Girl spanking stories

Susan was alarmed, and thought the Detention was going to have to go to the Headmistress, the only teacher allowed to use the cane. Emily was more relaxed – been there before, several years, ago. Stings a bit, but a couple of firm taps with a slipper, bending over, no problem to a mature young woman like the three of them.